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Get lost Tooth Fairy

Teething isn’t the most fun experience for children or parents. Most people, whether they have kids or not, know this. But, what nobody told me was that once teething starts, IT DOESN’T STOP. Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic but my daughter has cut five teeth in the last two months, and four of those were molars. So please forgive me.

To the childless, or those who have children that haven’t started teething yet, it’s hard to comprehend what this mean. Think, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

My child is generally very well natured and is happy to play on her own. But when she’s getting a tooth, watch out! She’s crying one minute, giggling the next, giving me kisses and then pushing me away—and all four of these actions happen within a three minute time span. She wants to be picked up, she wants down, she want up, she wants down.

And what’s worse, I have NO IDEA what sets any of these things off. It’s like some evil tooth fairy came and sprinkled cranky dust all over her.

Oh and sleeping, forget it. We had finally got to a stage where she was sleeping through the night consistently. Just as we were all getting comfortable with this new-found habit, BANG, along comes molar number one and we’re back to getting up at least once a night.

Is this nature’s way of preparing parents for when their kids are teenagers?

Annnddddd, rant over.


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