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Different but great

I’m going to diverge from the nobody-told-me theme to write a post inspired by Todaysparent.com.

Most mommies I know have significant others who work the typical nine to five-ish day. Some have spouses that work shift work, but even that is Monday to Friday.¬† At my house the “weekend” is Thursday and Friday right now. In six weeks, it might be Tuesday, Wednesday. We’ll just have to wait and see. When Daddy is away, he’s gone for 18 to 24 hours, but then he generally has three days off a week. ‘Tis the life of a railroader’s wife and child.

The upside of having mid-week days off is that we avoid the after work and weekend crowds when we head out as a family. The downside, there isn’t always a lot to do on weekday afternoon that qualifies as a family fun festivities.

When you mix this irregular yet rigid schedule (trains run on a schedule, he can’t be late and he can’t leave early) with the fact that our closest family members are a three hour drive, it means limited child care options. But that doesn’t seem to limit what we do!

Before becoming a mom, I was a very social person and very physically active. I didn’t see why I needed to give up those things just because I had a baby and have to play “single parent” a few days a week. So, I still go to dinner parties or have dinner out with the girls and simply bring my daughter with me. To keep active (and sane) I found a gym that offers child minding or go for runs with the stroller.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not out whooping it up every night, keeping my infant out until all hours while Daddy is slaving¬† away, but I try to maintain social interaction with other adults (both with and without kids). Any parent who’s been on leave knows it can be lonely at times.

These seem simple, even logical changes to make to your post-baby life. But yet I’ve found that many mom’s don’t do these things on their own.

I loved the life I had before I had a baby. Having her has only seemed to enhance it. It didn’t end it. I look forward to the spring when she’s big enough to go in the baby seat on the back of my bike or in the summer when we can go camping and boating again. It will be different with a baby, but different isn’t bad.

Now those of you with older children or multiple children may be saying “Just wait…” I recognize this isn’t how it is always going to be. When I go back to work, things will be different and more challenging but I’m confident that we will figure something out. We always do. That’s why we are great.

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