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Yep, she said that

Nobody warned me that people say stupid things to you once they find out about the little bundle of joy you are carrying around. And I mean foot-in-mouth type of things.

For example, when I was just past the sealed-lip  three month mark I started to tell people the official news I received many kudos and well wishes, and a few “I knew it!” remarks that were often followed by a comment about my now ginormous breasts, but there is one comment that I will never forget.

I had just walked into the early stages of a party. There were about 10 people there, all of which I knew but hadn’t seen in a while. I was feeling self conscious of the 10lbs I had gained in the first trimester but trying to not to let on by wearing a sparkly top and leggings. “Hey! Congrats” were the welcoming remarks I got from most of the ladies when I walked in. But there always has to be one person who really doesn’t know what to say and says the wrong thing. In her case it was, “Hey! I totally knew you were pregnant when I saw you last. Your boobs looked huge and your face had really started to fill out.”

When she saw me last, I was at the 11 week mark. I will admit, my boobs did get big fast, but my face? Really? Nobody else seemed to notice and if they did they sure weren’t dumb enough to say something.

Lucky for her, I was so shocked by her comment that I was speechless — not something that happens to me often.

Another great example was when my belly finally popped. Being of short stature, it seemed like my belly was ginormous when in actuality it was measuring textbook size. It just looked over sized for my frame. (For those of you who aren’t aware, your belly and weight is measured at each medical appointment to track how your baby is growing.)

When I was about seven months pregnant, a woman I worked with asked me for the 10th time when I was due. When I told her, she said, “Really? You look like your going to give birth in like, five minutes.” Of course, she added, “You look great, I just thought you were due earlier.”

Ahhh…nice save? No, not really.

Consider yourself warned. People–mostly women actually–will say stupid things to you when you’re pregnant, so start thinking up witty comebacks now.


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5 thoughts on “Yep, she said that

  1. Love your blog. I can so relate…a few comments I got…

    “You’re belly is huge for 4 months…looks like you’ll have a gigantic baby”
    “You used to have a nice figure…ah, well, you can look at old pictures!”
    “You’re eating too much that’s why you’re putting on wieght everywhere. You should’ve looked thin with just a belly when you’re pregnant”

    And funny enough…all these comments are from other women!!

  2. I’ve never been pregnant so I can’t say I can relate to your experience but I think people say hurtful things like this when they want other people to feel the way they feel about themselves. I think they are projecting what is inside of them out. I think you should feel sorry for the people who said these things to you because clearly they do not like who they are. April, I have known you most of your life and you have never been anything but absolutely beautiful. You were glowing when you were pregnant and I can only hope to be half as fabulous 🙂 Love you xoxox

  3. Joyous Jessy on said:

    I liked this article. Being a person who usually does say the wrong thing, it makes me laugh at the acknowledgment. It made me think twice about how often I’ve asked my two pregnant friends at work ‘when’re you due?. It is truly amazing to watch someone grow though, and ladies who are pregnant and still do it all are pretty cool, I say.

  4. Also not a fan of the random belly touching. Friends and family, okay, but strangers? Not cool.

  5. I totally gave you credit for not popping that girl!! Seriously…your FACE looks fuller? Brutal! Sadly, people say stupid things….whether it be from lack of social upbringing, brain cells or just plain ignorance. Something we’ve got to deal with on a daily basis. You handled yourself with class and patience.

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